Enjoy temporary casino free spins zonder storting

As you are used to from our online casino corner, you can enjoy a lot of free spins bonuses and no deposit bonuses on our casino iPads. But, after our owner, took another trip to the Netherlands, he learned another casino term that he has gotten into. This is free spins zonder storting and means as much as no deposit free spins. This is nothing new, not even in our casinos. However, our owner wanted to take this to the next level and has invented the following events.

Higher casino free spins zonder storting

During this temporary promotion all our customers can enjoy a higher amount of no deposit free spins, or casino free spins zonder storting. We won’t allow any casino on our premises that doesn’t offer at least 25 free spins to new players without having to deposit any money. Also, we have laid out some ground rules for these free spins. First of all, the wagering requirement cannot be higher than 25x and secondly, the limit for meeting these wagering requirements should be no less than 90 days. This makes the casino experience for newbies that much more accessible.

Casino free spins game show

Recently we started with a game show that will take place once a month in our special online casino corner. We will have a real live slot machine and a presenter that spins the wheels for the player. For every coffee purchased the customer receives a free spin on the wheel. Players can be lucky and win more spins from this spin or even win a nice monetary prize. Or they can be unlucky and only get another spin when buying another coffee. The options are limited as it is not good practice to drink too many coffees consecutively.

Appeal casino free spins

The reason why casino free spins zonder storting are so popular is quite easy to understand. The player gets a chance to experience a casino and generate actual wins without running any risks. There are, after all, players that won quite a bit of money after getting no deposit free spins. It is statistically possible. However, you will never win a jackpot with free spins. This makes sense, as the casino you would be playing at would go bankrupt immediately. You may not know this, but a casino has to pay the provider for offering free spins. So this is already a costly promotion, even if no player ends up winning anything.

Casino tips

Even though casino free spins zonder storting are very nice, it’s good to be selective when choosing an online casino. That’s why it’s good to see if the casino layout appeals to you and if you can find everything you want easily. Also, take a look at the other bonuses the casino offers and their terms. And the most important part is the game offer. There are a lot of games and providers and you should find a casino that offers a combination that appeals to you.