Avenue 209 is a gourmet coffee house that makes a difference. Located on Lock Haven, Palo Alto, its creators didn’t want it to be just another coffee shop, they wanted it to make an impact on the community. The coffee shop started as a dream of two friends but ended up being so much more.

This coffee shop is dedicated to bringing you the freshest and the best coffee possible, which are micro-roasted from ethically and legally managed farms. It also features fresh goods baked locally, delicious bagel sandwiches, and a wide variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. You will also find live music from local artists on weekends at the coffee shop along with an open mic event hosted every Wednesday evenings. You can also book private or corporate events at Avenue 209 Coffee House coffee shop.

Why Choose to plan an event here

Avenue 209 Coffee House is a coffee shop that is determined to give you perfection with every sip. Its coffees are considered to be one of the best in the state, according to its customers. Aside from the coffee, they offer you a menu with a wide variety of items to choose from. The food in Avenue 209 Coffee House is delicious. It’ll tickle your taste buds in all the right places. A major reason why the foods taste so good is that most of the items in the shop are baked locally. There’s also a huge offering of bagels and sandwiches that are also very popular among the customers. The coffee shop also has non-coffee drinks available, so if you’re not a big fan of coffee, you can choose to drink any of the non-caffeinated options that are available. This coffee shop in Palo Alto has a little bit of something for everyone.

Avenue 209 Coffee House doesn’t just give you good food and freshly brewed coffee; it is also an excellent place to hang out. It is a great spot if you’re looking to hold any meetings or corporate events. Avenue 209 Coffee House is also just a perfect location to have a fun time. It has live music from local artists as the owners know how important it is to support local artists. You can also do open mics in the coffee shop. If you’re looking for something professional, you can even hold conferences and business meetings with utmost privacy and have a great experience. The waiters and other employees are also driven to give their best to satisfy the customers. You can even book the coffee shop for any sort of family event. You can have karaoke nights or have a small get together. Avenue 209 Coffee Shop is great for any sort of congregation.
You can book an event, and we can guarantee you can have both a productive and fun time at our place, depending on what you want. We are focused on giving our customers the best experience that we can humanly provide.

Contact info

209 Bellefonte Avenue – Lock Haven, PA 17745
Phone No :- 1.570.748.6738
If you would like to book a show, please send us your information!