Hello everyone, this is Josh from Coffeehouse209. First of all, I would like to thank all of you guys who are coming down here each and every day to get your beloved cup of coffee right here in Lock Haven. Thanks to you, we were able to grow and pretty soon started to become profitable. I have to admit though, that at the beginning I was pretty scared. A pastor, who runs of pursuing his dream to open a coffee shop? Yes, that is pretty much my story and more than one time this all sounded a bit crazy. Looking back, I can say it was all worth it and I love what I am doing. Our regular customers probably witnessed the rather dramatic changes we have been going through during the past few years. Not just in our coffee shop where we changed the interior completely, but also on the menu.

If you are a regular visitor to our website, you probably saw already that the Coffeehouse209 is now owned by an online casino provider. Well, that is not entirely true, it is co-owned but you can see it more like a strategic partnership. Just for the record, this partnership is also visible on our menu and I would like to take to opportunity to officially recommend our all-new coffee creation with the stunning name Freispiele. But back to the partnership. Thanks to the more and more relaxed gambling laws right here in our home state, online casino providers like SlotPrince are looking for partners when they come here and start building up their businesses. I thought and still think, that this is a good thing. It was not long after I heard the rumors that this company plans to open its headquarters in our neighborhood, that they asked if I would be interested in a partnership that includes a co-owner status. Apparently their offered freispiele are such a success, that they were ready to invest largely into our community.

Basically, what started with a few prints on our to-go cups ended in a huge investment. We were able to hire more people to serve our growing crowd of loyal customers and started renovations. I was also able to start experimenting with different coffee variations to offer everyone in our community a unique coffee experience. Our latest home-made coffee and milk creation freispiele is a direct result of this partnership by the way. Without the investment of SlotPrince, I would have not been able to find time to make the last step of my dream come true. I always wanted to make a cup of coffee that I created and you can only find in my coffee shop. Therefore, I would like to invite all of you to come down here and try my latest coffee creation. Personally, I can not wait to hear your feedback, let me know what you think about freispiele. We decided to offer it also in a decaffeinated version, for everyone who does not need a morning wake up call.