We have a lot of customers coming from different parts of the state or even the country. Sometimes, we do get foreign arrivals. We asked some of them to leave a review about what they think of our services!

We are really glad to get some nice words from these people. Visit Avenue 209 and find out why people like Sean Rowles from PayPal, Mary Lee from 1xBet, and many more think that Avenue 209 is one of the best coffee places in PA.


Nice Milkshake, Excellent Green Tea, and the Best Coffee in Pennsylvania.

Sean Rowles
Chief Credit Risk Officer at PayPal

As much as I like to go to Pennsylvania, I do miss the taste of the restaurant’s coffee I have every day near my home. With every visit to PA, my search for a good coffee place continued, until I stumbled upon Avenue 209. It is really an exceptional place for coffee, and even though I don’t usually give reviews that much, I had to consider it, as their coffee is one of the best in the state! And I feel like it does not matter if you are a tea person or a coffee person, I would recommend Avenue 209’s sugar-free one for you. Not only is it going to wake you up from the leftover sleep, but also it will leave an excellent taste in your mouth. I actually never got used to the bitterness of sugar-free coffee. I know it wakes me up, but it is often not pleasant to drink. However, even though the bitterness is much lighter for Avenue 209’s coffee, it does wake you up, like an espresso.

When I compare Avenue 209’s coffee with my favorite coffee place back at home, I have to say; it’s much better than what I daily have. So better that I want to come here every day! It is usually hard to make a sugar-free coffee tasty as it is just supposed to wake you up with its taste. However, Avenue 209 proves me wrong with their magnificent sugar-free coffee. I think it’s their ingredients that make the coffee so good, and it already built an emotional connection with me, which is so strong that I have to come back here every time I am in the town just to have a taste of the coffee. As far as other items go, I think they are pretty premium. Love the environment, and the menu is appropriately served with adequacy. I would definitely recommend coffee lovers to go there and have a sugar-free and plain coffee. It will blow your mind!


Pleased with the environment and with the menu!

Mary Lee
Project Manager at 1xBet

My first visit to PA was great thanks to its marvelous people and Avenue 209 coffee house. As it served proper coffee, espressos, and other drinks, it became our hanging-out spot where we have casual conversations as well as some professional get-together. I am very pleased with the environment and the menu. Is it the best coffee I have ever tasted? Probably not, but it is the best coffee that comes in a small price range. Even though my first visit was only for less than a week, I came back again a few months after. And still, Avenue 209 was our favorite place to hangout.

When it comes to the menu of Avenue 209, my most favorite item is the Chai Tea Latte. It costs only around $3 and tastes like heaven! Their brewed coffee is better than average and worth the price. They also have some good ice creams that we like to have often. The service from the waiters and staff is excellent, and their friendly behavior incites me to go PA more often.

I prefer smaller coffee places instead of large ones. It makes me feel like home, and whenever I have my friends or coworkers with me, it reminds me of my young years. That’s why I prefer Avenue 209 more than other options. I went to a few places, mostly smaller coffee shops, and usually, the service is mediocre, and they are not the best place to sit down, relax, and have a cup of coffee. However, the service of Avenue 209 is much better in comparison to many places I’ve visited in the US. I would recommend them to new people, and I think you should try their Chai Tea Latte and some of the ice creams!


An overall excellent coffee shop.

Robert Wiesenthal
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Sony

As much as I like to avoid coffee and similar drinks, I have built an affection for it. And I often go to restaurants where the coffee tastes too bitter or too sweet, taking away the crucial taste element from the coffee. When I think about a perfect cup of coffee, I can say that Avenue 209’s coffee is pretty close. And it makes it even harder for me to quit coffee when I have some good ones like Avenue 209’s. The bitterness of coffee that wakes you up is present in their cups, but it seems hidden, and it hits you later after you are done with the cup. It leaves a magnificent taste of coffee in your tongue while keeping you awake. And that’s why it has become one of my favorite destinations to visit after my morning walk while I am staying at PA.

There is a sense of coziness on the location of the coffee house that is quite mesmerizing. It has become my favorite in the city and even in PA since I have to stay around there. I would love to go back there again, and I would recommend anyone to visit if they like to have a good cup of coffee. Other than coffee, I had some latte and other drinks that were pretty good, too. However, my main intention of going there is having my morning walk and then get a cup of coffee.